7600 Glover Road

 Langley, BC V2Y 1Y1


Our Core Values


1.  Provide mutual support and encouragement by:

• attending conferences

• providing mentorship for members


2.  Encourage professional support and growth by:

• maintaining a current leadership certificate

• developing future leadership

• continuing to provide leadership training

• utilizing retired principals to assist those new to this work

• collaborate with other professional associations (SCSBC, CTABC,  CSC, FISA)

• supporting those in challenging situations


3.  Affirm school leaders by:

• celebrating our calling

• including new-comers

• honouring experience


4.  Promoting and preserving a vision of Christian education by:

• celebrating each school’s roots and history

• sharing ideas to develop vibrant educational communities

• preserving a distinct Christian worldview

• sharing the Biblical story with each other


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